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 Artwork FAQs

What types of art files do you accept?

All art must be in vector format.  Files that we accept are .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps (if created with a vector art program), or .pdf (if created with a vector art program).  All fonts must be converted to outlines.  We do not accept artwork from any Microsoft Office software, Photoshop, JPGs, GIFs, etc. for promotional items.**

Artwork for traditional printing jobs can be any of the vector formats above.  In addition, we will print PDF files created from Word, Power Point, and other document-creation software.

**The exception to this would be a high resolution (600dpi or greater) TIFF or BMP file.  These files are very large in size.  A high resolution file may be acceptable for a full color printing job, such as a banner or tablecloth.

I'm not sure if my artwork is acceptable.  Can you verify it for me?

Yes.  Send us your files via email, a file-sharing service, or on a removable data storage device (flash/thumbdrive, CD/DVD) and we can verify if they are usable.  If your artwork is determined to be unacceptable, we can convert or redraw it.  The fee for this depends on the detail of the artwork and the amount of time it takes to convert it.

I don't have any artwork, can you design something for me?

We can design artwork for you.  Just sketch out or describe what you want your artwork to look like and we can work with you to develop professional-looking artwork.  Fees for this service depend on the detail of the artwork and the amount of time it takes to develop it.

I found an image on the internet I would like to incorporate into my artwork.  Can I use it?

It depends on the image.  Most images pulled off the internet are not vector and do not have the appropriate resolution.  In addition, there may be copyright issues or watermarks present.  We will not print any images which have watermarks present.

My logo/company uses a specific color or colors.  Can I ensure that my artwork is printed in the exact color(s)?

If a specific color isn’t mentioned, we will use the color available that is closest to your artwork.  If you need an exact color, we can PMS color match most items, although an additional fee for ink blending may apply.  PMS stands for Pantone Matching System®.  If you are unsure of your artwork’s PMS number, you can click here to view color swatches of all the PMS colors, or just send us your artwork and we can match it for you.  Remember that displayed colors differ between monitors and may not exactly match a printed product.

If you have any additional questions about artwork requirements, please contact us at

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